20 Unusual Holiday Traditions From Around the U.S.

Every year we look forward to celebrating holiday traditions. Depending on where you live or how you celebrate, there can be many variations.

While some towns flock to lighting the big tree in city hall, or hosting a city-wide food drive; others have some more unique options.

As if there wasn’t enough the look forward to during the holiday season, these towns give you even more. And while some of them have relatable variations, they certainly give it their own twist. A lot happens in small towns. And it’s always interesting to see. One thing’s for sure, they will never lack character.

20. Mobile, Alabama: Elfapalooza

It’s certain you’ve heard of Lollapalooza, but Elfapalooza is something totally different. Obviously. And you yes, you guessed it. It’s all about Elves. Each year, the town of Mobile, Alabama gathers together to try and break the Guinness Book of World Records, for most elves in one place. There is plenty of motivation. Will this be their lucky year?

19. Chandler, Arizona: Tumbleweed Tree

Leave it to AZ to stick to their desert roots. Not only can you drive through neighborhoods to see lights strung across cacti, but you can also see a gigantic tree made out of tumbleweed. They’ve already passed their 60th-year mark for this tradition.

18. Crested Butte, Colorado: Santa Ski

If you love skiing, you’ll love visiting Crested Butte during the holiday season. Seriously– can you picture 100s of Santas skiing down the mountain at once? I can. And it’s hilarious. This small town never fails to entertain and keep it quirky.

17. Kansas City, Kansas: TubaChristmas

Listening to Christmas carols is a pretty expected holiday tradition, especially from a symphony… but tubas? Awesome.

16. North Pole, Alaska: Christmas In Ice

It would be wrong if the North Pole itself didn’t have a unique tradition. It’s literally a Christmas IN ice. The entire landscape is carved ice, and it’s quite impressive.