25 Things Guys Do They Don't Want You to Know

1. Stalk Ex-Girlfriends

Now, guys don’t literally STALK their ex’s, but you bet that every once in a while, they will definitely check up to see what their old lady love has been doing recently. However, the more time away from her and the more time he spends with you, these special stalking circumstances will slowly recede into accidental and nonchalant encounters on their social media feeds.

2. He Obsesses Over Your Ex Too

When the two of you met, you probably went through all of the gory details about your past relationships. Even though he realizes that your ex was a jerk and you’re completely over him, that doesn’t stop him from wondering. Even if your guy trusts you, he’s a man, and he knows how men operate. He’s still most likely just waiting for your ex to pop back into your life.

3. Watch Your Snapchat Stories

Yes, we do watch your Snapchat stories, but the reason behind this could vary depending on the type of guy you’re dating. Some will want to see you having fun, and some will want to see who you’re having fun with and if they’re a threat to their well being. The latter is a much more common trait that should probably be avoided at all costs; it is especially important to avoid if any other guy starts arguments no matter who they are.