5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association

5,000 PRCA Members

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) has just under 5,000 members. Permit holders are included on that list.

$45,000,000 Prize Money Paid OutPRCA $45,000,000 Prize Money Paid Out

In 2016, PRCA sanctioned rodeos paid out a total of just over $45,000,000.00 in prize money to member contestants in bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, bronc riding, tie down roping and bull riding.

The Invisible Rodeo

Tuf Cooper with Chelsea Toy and Linda Hubbell in the press room 2015

Tuf Cooper with Chelsea Toy and Linda Hubbell in the press room 2015

Behind the scenes at any rodeo are a couple of dozen, give or take, savvy people with highly specialized skills. The production crew is dedicated to making every fan and contestant (two and four legged) as comfortable and safe as possible while keeping the moving parts of several different contests rolling along as quickly and professionally as humanly possible. There are stock men, brilliant rodeo secretaries, bull fighters, the specialty entertainers and their support, judges, public relations and media teams trying to bring audiences as close to the action as they possibly can. They work long hours with intense attention to detail. They’re the backbone of the sport who are unsung and happy with it. If we as spectators are ever able to see past the magic of a well-run rodeo performance, somebody hasn’t done their job.

6.3 billion Rodeo Fans

3-day PRCA Eagle Rodeo in Eagle, ID

The current rodeo fan census is 6.3 billion people. 51% are women, 49% men. While every demographic is well represented, the most common thread among rodeo fans is they are people who love the outdoors.

Free Rodeo Training Camps

Every year, PRCA holds FREE bronc, bareback and bull riding trainings across the country. PRCA Championship Rodeo Camp attendees learn from star contestants while they teach about equipment, how to navigate behind the chutes for personal and livestock safety, core fundamentals, goal setting and representing the sport as a contestant and ambassador.