Cowboy Vacations Top Destinations
Cowboy Vacations: Top 3 Destinations

Cowboy Vacations: Top 3 Destinations

If there is one thing a lot of people would agree upon why being American makes us very lucky, it has to do with the fact that we live in a country which is home to the Wild West. Whenever we feel that things in our lives are getting too much to handle and we need to take a break and unwind, we have some of the most amazing places to take a retreat from our busy lives and get a taste of how life was in relatively simpler times.

The time when the Western culture was alive really had its own appeal to it. It’s something that most of the country moved away from to begin living more hectic lives but if you’re ever feeling the need to revisit the days yonder, here are some of the best cowboy vacation spots in the country. They have made every bit of humanly effort to make sure that they preserve the spirit of the days gone by.

Buffalo, Wyoming

History reveres and very dearly remembers the town which is situated right in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains in the state of Wyoming with over half a million visitors coming to the town every year to this very day being a testament to that.

Buffalo, Wyoming is one of the top 3 destinations for a cowboy vacation for a number of reasons. From the Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site which tells in impeccable details the history of the Indian Wars to boasting the fact that it’s the hometown of the famous ranch house and barn where the Johnson County Cattle Wars came to a conclusion in the late 1880s, we have every reason to believe that Buffalo is one of the top 3 destinations for a cowboy vacation.

Trinidad, Colorado

Ah yes, the state of Colorado. The list of the top 3 destinations for a cowboy vacation would not have been a good one without the inclusion of Trinidad, Colorado. Made in the 1860s along the Santa Fe Trail, Trinidad still looks and feels like how history remembers the town.

With places like the Baca House hosting the Trinidad History Museum, the A.R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art and the mansard roofed Bloom Mansion some of the main attractions, it is one real good place to pay a visit for your next vacation.

Abilene, Kansas

All it took Abilene to enter the history books of the Western culture was five years after it was made in 1867 because of the famed Texas cowboys heading in droves into the town with their longhorn cattle.

Abilene has really seen some wild and interesting times back in the day and one of the reasons why Abilene is on the list of the top 3 destinations for a cowboy vacation is to do with the fact that the townsfolk have done remarkably well in preserving the town. One of the most fame events in the town that really cements its place in the top 3 destinations for a cowboy vacation is the re-enactment of gunfights done in the Main Street by the group named after Wild Bill Kickok, the marshal of the town in the 1870s.

Final Thoughts

It’s high time that you strap on those there boots of yours and head on over to some of these parts of the country to get a real feel of the western culture that cowboys were borne of.