Flank & Tie Wager: Tuf Cooper vs Cory Solomon

It seems like just a friendly wager between two friends, but the stakes are high as two of the toughest Tie-Down Ropers in the rodeo industry, Tuf Cooper (Professional Rodeo’s World Champion and youngest Million Dollar Cowboy), and Cory Solomon (5X WNFR Qualifier), go head-to-head in the practice pen.

But these two don’t treat practice lightly. They “prepare to win” by making a wager on Tuf’s Calgary Stampede draw. Cory wants to trade up by exchanging competition days. Watch to the end of this Panhandle Wager to see if Tuf gets to keep his position at this prestigious, million dollar rodeo, or if Solomon gets what he came for.

This well-produced video definitely puts some excitement into Tie-Down Roping; and if you’re wanting some keen pointers and insight into this event – they’re here in this video. So sit back and enjoy a free mini-clinic on Tie-Down Roping, compliments of two of the best competitors in the world!